International Yoga Day-21st June.2015

A historic and memorable day in the life of every proud Indian around the world, and for everyone associated with “Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga foundation”.The Foundation celebrated International Yoga Day at Navinbhai Thakker auditorium, at Vile-Parle east. I was thrilled and overjoyed, that our ancient culture and tradition of  Yoga, has finally got an official global identity,and the entire world, all the 177 countries, have officially, accepted this day as the International Yoga Day.

Yoga has always been a time- tested and assured means of maintaining good health, positive outlook and calm mind. but due to various religious undercurrents, had always kept this powerful science of Yoga, far from global acceptance, but behind the scenes, everyone willingly acknowledged the merits of Yoga.

The programme was a complete power packed show, with the most diverse and rich variety. while the entire world was practicing Yoga asanas only on this day as a mark of celebration, our SMKYF celebrated it with a difference. I was urged by my Disciples to Donn the Director’s  hat, to bring about the uniqueness to this programme. So finally I agreed to my Disciples requests, as it was for a noble cause.

I played the role of a script writer, editor, & Director ,and composed a ballet called ” YES I CAN,YES WE CAN” ,the concept of this ballet was based on the negative impact of technology and modern lifestyles, and how Yoga unites eastern & western culture in living a healthy and enriching life. My objective was to motivate everybody to practice and adopt a healthy living by way of Yoga. Yoga is not gymnastics, where one gets stunned by the acrobatic postures and stunts as shown on electronic media. Yoga is a simple and effective technique to remove the energy blocks in ones body, with ease and poise, thereby facilitating a free mind filled with freshness, positivity & optimism. So I chose my 2 children aged 6 and 9, &my other little children in the age group of 65 to 80, to perform the Yoga asans. I had choreographed this ballet and the first performance of this ballet was on Gudi Padwa celebration 2015 of Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation, since then the ballet has received wide accolades, & Akashwani Mumbai, had organized a performance of this ballet on 12th june on the occasion of international Yoga Day , celebrations. The response to this ballet was stupendous, and both my children Mahima& Shubham, along with all my other performers, burnt the mid night oil, but practiced the steps to perfection.

There was another Dance ballet that I choreographed,”INFINITY”, blending the ancient tradition of Yoga with the modern Zumba Dance form. My concept was from Big Bang how the world created with Yoga. Then from the Oneness the two separations …Eastern culture & Western culture. I designed this dance to show that , through Yoga, ultimately we can unite the world !

After this I started my own Yoga demonstration along with my children Mahima & Shubham.  I explain that the journey of Yoga in fact starts from our 1st breath & conclude with the last. From Yogasans ,  various Pranayams, purifications,  I Concluded it with Meditation.

I was happy  to see the jam-packed auditorium, in spite of torrential rains lashing out over the past 72 hours across Mumbai. I was delighted to see some surprise visitor from far away African land, the Princess of Cameroon and the United Nations representative from Cameroon,who had come down all the way from Cameroon to meet me and partake in our International Yoga day celebrations. I felt very honored and touched when they presented me with the Cameroon flag and the traditional attire of Cameroon, as a mark of Honour and respect & invited me to spread Kriyayoga to Cameroon.

People specially came from various parts of India & abroad to witness this mega function.

The Celebration was attended by Shri. Madhukar Talwalkar (Owner of Talwalkar’s Gym), My dear friend, Padmashree.Dhanraj Pillai. My close friend and well-wishers of our Foundation, Dr.V.N.Shrikhande, & Dr. Jagannathrao Hegde. Mr.Madhukar Talwalkar, had brought along with him,2 Exceptionally well built male Body builder’s. One was ex runners up of Mr Universe ,and a female body builder, to motivate the crowd, on staying fit and healthy .The story of Mr. Talwalkar and the chain of gymnasium, that he has established was very inspiring to hear, even more motivating was Mr. Talwalkar ‘s  fitness level’s when he demonstrated push-ups with ease on stage, even at this prime age of 82.The body builder’s showcased  fantastic posing, and left the crowd awestruck, especially when a lady body builder who was flown in all the way from Kolkata, for posing on stage by Mr.Talwalkar.

Another interesting performance from the Talwalkar  team, was when a lady, who  is also the Guinness book record holder, for blasting a rubber water bag, by blowing it with air,demonstrated the skills on stage,& the true capacity of a human lungs.

Then it was time for some healthy Discussion between myself, Madhukar Talwalkar & Dhanraj Pillai, in a tet-a- tet chat with each other, discussing  various health and fitness mantra’s of each of us. We received a grand response to this chat show which was anchored by me,and the crowd was estatic while hearing the candid conversations between the 3 of us. Another beautiful programme was the malkham performance by my little angels from the Kamala Mehta school of Blind. their amazing performance stunned the entire audience, who were finding it difficult to believe that these little angels were visually challenged.

The event successfully concluded with my Sankalp Poorthi of 100008 surya namaskars that I had set, on 1st june.15.My sankalp was to complete 100008 suryanamaskar’s on 21st june.15, collectively by myself and all my disciples around the 89 centers in the world. As a mark of respect to the Lord sun, who is the source of life on planet earth. This sankalp was earmarked to express the gratitude to lord sun on 21st June, which is also the longest day. Every year in the northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice falls on 21st June, making the transition of sun from Uttarayana to Dakshinayana. The knowledge of Yoga first descended from Lord Shiva on this day. In a nut shell, it can be considered to be the Birthday of YOGA. On 21st June, the day is longer and the night is shorter& Earth is at the closest distance from the Sun on its Orbit. So with so many scientific and spiritual significance attached to  this pious date.  We fulfilled the Sankalp of 100008 suryanamaskars, I was accompanied by Dhanraj pillai, Cameroon Princess Estha Divine, small children and senior citizens. everybody participated in the fulfillment of this landmark achievement& we completed the sankalp.


This International Yoga Day will forever be deeply etched in the hearts and minds of everyone who attended the grand function and witnessed such a wonderful array of diverse programme, being showcased on stage. I sincerely urge everybody, to continue practicing Yoga every day, and not just on 21st june. Consider 21st june as a good day that you have started the Yoga practice, and continue it every day as a regular discipline. With regular practice of Yoga,our energy levels  will always be maintained high, body remain fit, mind will always be calm& composed. With such composure, an individual will continue to spread Harmony and peace, where ever he goes. Let us all collectively join Hands and unitedly increase our individual energy levels, and thereby collectively increase the energy on planet earth and make our world a beautiful and bountiful place to live in. My heartiest congratulations to Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji for being the catalyst for this mass movement of worldwide recognition to Yoga.

I wish all of mankind, a very happy, healthy, enriched and prosperous life.

May Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness spread all over the world and restore peace and tranquility forever..

I am thankful to all media for the coverage of this grand function.  Some even willingly did live telecast.

I am sure everybody who witnessed this programme,  must have imbibed best from it.

Love & Blessings

Sadguru Mangeshda




  1. Superb and fantastic programme,completely motivating and totally different from all the celebrations all over the world,on the occasion of 21st june,International Yoga Day..

    Thoroughly enjoyed the programme,and fully motivated with the series of events..the body building poses,rubber water bag bursting by filling it with air,by the guinness world reccord holder,thy yoga demostration and the grand celebrattion of the sankalp poorthi of 100008 surya namaskar’s..

    Everything is mind boggling, it was a proud moment for all of us to see thou being grretedd with the Cameroon flag,by The princess & UN ambassador from cameroon, inviting thou to spread Kriya yoga in Cameroon,and thou most graciously accepting the invitation..

    All in all,a very memorable and highly inspiring and motivating programme which is deeply imaged in memory..

    A big thank you to all the Media teams from various channels who covered the event live and telecasted it for mass awareness..

    Thank you Sadguruji,for your strong and powerful leadership,and leading all of us from the front in all areas.

    Jai Gurudev


  2. Hari Om Sadguruji. We enjoyed the programme very much. Special Thanks for all the participants who gave their best to make the event successful.


  3. Hari Om Sadguruji
    Words are short to express what we witnessed yesterday on the occasion of International Yoga Day organised by Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation under the guidance and leadership of Revered Sadguruji himself. A truly blissful experience which has mesmerised one and all.
    Thank you Sadguruji for organising a grand event to celebrate first International Yoga Day.The event has not only taught us the importance of yoga but has also highly motivated us to understand and practise yoga religiously. Thank you for inculcating the importance of age old tradition in all of us. Sadguruji hats off to all your hardwork and precision. A true perfectionist, A true Master.

    Hari Om


  4. Hari Om Sadguruji

    My gratitude to my Sadguruji for always leading through the front and setting an example for all to follow. On 21st June on the occasion of International Yoga Day what we witness was pure positive high energy mystic program organised by Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation under the guidance of Sadguruji himself. The program was an impressive display of various activities related to Yoga in the form of ballet by all age groups, Yoga asanas, Discussion forums and more.This program has surely borne the seeds of our ancient tradition of Yoga in everybody’s mind. Thank you Sadguruji for a spectacular performance showcased by you yourself and by our Foundation family members.

    Hari Om


  5. Thank You Sadguruji for the wonderful Yoga Day celebrations.Each programme designed by You was unique in itself whether it be Yoga by our senior citizen kriyabans or by our wonder kids Mahima and Shubham ,Yoga demonstrations by Yourself. as also the dance combining the eastern and western styles. We are inspired by the achievements of Shri Madhukar Talwalkar with his chain of Gymanasium and Shri Dhanraj Pillai endeared us by his humility inspite of his great acievements.You as anchor brought out the best in them and the talk show really stole all hearts.This day will be etched in our memories for ever.Thank you once again for not only giving us such a great programme but also for the superb narration of the events of that day .


  6. A big thank-you Sadguruji for organising this spectacular Yogaday celebrations. Many take aways like Yoga is beyond only asans,how important it is to practice Yoga for all around development of a individual. Special mention about the unique Yoga Ballet choreographed by you,it was simply superb.. I am carrying everlasting memories with me.


  7. The program organised by # SMKYF Under the leadership of Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda was a unique one. Two ballets choreographed by Sadguruji speaks itself of the tremendous efforts taken by him. The Wonder kids of Sadguruji are following His footsteps. The event was memorable. All d dignitaries present enjoyed and appreciated.
    My shat shat Pranams to Sadguruji.


  8. Hari Om Gurumauli,
    We all know your are great leader and always leading from the front. This day I saw you back in your original physic. It is not miracle but your sincere practise of yoga. One can come back from the greatest negativity that you faced.
    I thank Pram Sadguruji to send you back sansar to become not only an inspiration but a living example for all the mankind.
    Everybody has witnessed one of the greatest program with diverse activities from all people involved in fitness and heathy living.
    My thanks to our PM Modiji for bringing yoga on the international platform.

    Lots of love and pranams Sadguruji.


  9. Dear Sadguruji,
    Yoga day celebration was wonderful. Will always cherish this programme. The enthusiasm of all- young and old was amazing. Thank you for gracing us with your blessings on this day.


  10. Hari Om Sadguruji. A very well compiled narration of our mega International Yoga Day. We all thoroughly enjoyed the entire event. The ballets were excellently choreographed and executed. The entire event was an inspiration for me. I thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a witness to such a great program.


  11. Thank You Sadguruji for a wonderful write up on International Day Of Yoga! Gives us the insight of Your thought process. What a power packed and thought provoking demonstration throughout the 4 hours. Wonderful Yogik displays, dance ballets, Your Own Yoga Demonstration, A beautiful Interview…..and what not!! Simply brilliant! Two main takeaways from the program. Mind your Body, Mind & Sould & you would do wonders. And YESS I CAN YESS WE CAN! Thank You yet again to You and the entire Team for this wonderful presentation! Jai Ho! Never witnessed such 21st June before…..
    Jai ho!


  12. Was glad to have witnessed the International Yoga Day celebrations by Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation. Indeed a very unique way to celebrate this occasion! Thank you Sadguruji for this blog post. It made us relive the wonderful programme.


  13. HariOm Sadguruji 🙂 Pranams !!! Thank you for a splendid Yoga programme you put together for all of us. As your teachings are simple and easy to follow .. common man can practically implement in everyday hectic life . Wish our institute for many such events. Pranams


  14. An excellent blog helping us relive those magical moments of 21st June’15 of International Day Of Yoga organised by Sadguru Mangeshda and SMKYF. Series of amazing programmes, dignitaries present, jam packed, representatives from your 89 centres present, hordes of media (both electronic and print) giving coverage and recognition to your over 45 years of teaching and spreading Yoga all over the World. Jai Gurudev.


  15. HariOm Sadguruji!

    Attitude of Gratitude as You made us a part of this Big and Most Memorable Day.

    Your post on this blog is as great to read as was witnessing the live event.

    Am sure that there was not even a minute where the audience wouldn’t have enjoyed.

    Your conception of Yoga Ballet and Infinity Dance was brilliantly showcased.

    To hear Dr. Shrikhande, Dhanraj Pillai and Dr. Talwalkar was also a treat.

    Finally the visually impaired children showed us that Nothing is Impossible!!

    Heartfelt thanks that You chose us to be Your discilples.


  16. Pranam Sadguruji
    A big thankyou to you Sadguruji for making us witness the Grand celebration of international Yoga Day held on 21 at June 2015 – The Day which will be cherished forever.
    At every moment you made us aware of the teachings which you always impress as was shown while you we’re hosting the interview , our kriyabans performing Yoga Ballet , really impressed by Bodybuilders each and every part of the body musculature was seen – this is what you always taught Sadguruji always feel each and every body part ,each breath -This is what was showcased in all the acts knowing your breath ,knowing your body parts .
    Wonderful to watch act by beautiful visionary children of Kamala Mehta School ,
    As Sadguruji you told our lung is size of tennis court and the example was ready by the athlete who showed us by blowing air bag as if her lungs are size of tennis court
    Importance of self confidence and determination was again brought to our notice by our Sadguruji through stalwarts like Mr Madhukar and Mr Dhanraj
    Finally lot to learn from Subham and Mahima showing age is no bar for yoga and Tejomayee showing dedication for mother India
    And our respect to SuryaDev which Sadguruji showed by finishing 100008 Suryanamaskar on the birthday of Yoga
    I think perfect respect to our rich heritage which was demonstrated
    Hari Om


  17. Me and my family attended the International Yoga Day celebrations organised by Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga foundation.
    All programs were inspiring and I am sure each and every member of the audience carried back with themselves that extra motivation to take a positive step towards a healthier body and a peaceful mind.
    Your demonstration of Asanas, Pranayam and other techniques were very helpful, especially since you mentioned the do’s and dont’s for each asanas.

    Mr. Talwalkar at 80 plus age performed dand effortlessly and inspired us with the message that it is NEVER too late to start!! The ever humble Mr. Dhanraj Pillai’s words reminded us that it is not money or fancy equipment but just sheer determination that one needs to achieve the desired level of fitness!! Dr. Shrikhande’s friendly warning of ‘dont come to us (doctors)’ was humorous, but with lot of depth…

    What inspired me the most was performances by senior citizens and the kids!! It was simply amazing!

    The concept of ‘ Infinity’ was unique and entertaining! Last but not least, the rope malkhamb performance by the visually challenged students of Kamala Mehta school was absolutely stunning!! They did asanas effortlessly on rope that many of us cannot even perform on ground!!! Simply great!!

    Thank you Sadguruji and team for this memorable experience!!


  18. We loved your unique way of celebrating International Yoga Day. Many misconception of Yoga got cleared. Great learning from all the eminent speakers. The chat session was superb and hilarious too…The fusion of east and west was brilliantly demonstrated in the dance ballet. The kids and senior citizen did a wonderful yoga ballet with a powerful message to all “Yes We Can, Yes I can”. I shall cherish this all my life. All this was possible only due to your vision and the ability to get it done Sadgurji. Kudos to you and the entire team for the herculean effort. Jai Gurudev!!!!!


  19. Thank you Sadguruji for this unique program. It was a great moment for me to be part of the ” Infinity” ballet and the great meaning behind it’s concept. Throughly enjoyed performing it.

    The whole program made each and everyone watching it realise the caption ” Yes I Can.. Yes We Can” in all walks of life. From yoga to living life to healthy body to dance to drama to anecdotes to the mighty lung power….there was lots and lots on the buffet table for everyone to select.

    As usual You were fantastic in all that you did on the stage!

    Your years of research and quest for the scientific knowledge to help humanity at large was the real winner on this day! Thank you.

    Thank you for this blog post. Very well written!


  20. Hari om Sadguruji,
    Thank you for this beautiful seed of yoga which you have sown into our heart, body, mind and soul which is growing day by day in our inner self giving us the strength to deal with the daily stress and the outside world to bring about a positive transformation around us.
    My gratitude cannot be expressed in words.


  21. All the segments were superb! There was a lot of variety at the same time the basis was Yoga and fitness. The fusion ballet ‘Infinity’ showing union of west & east based on Yoga was marvellous! Artistic presentation as ballet ‘Yes, I can – Yes, we can’ depicting benefits of Yoga and how these should be imbibed in children to improve mental and physical well-being of our future generation, conceptualised and choreographed by Sadguruji was performed beautifully by young and not so young performers, particularly performance of small children was excellent. Mallakhamb by visually challenged girls was fantastic! Bodybuilders awed the audience. Lung power of the lady who blew and burst rubber bag was amazing! The impromptu interview of Sadguruji, Mr. Madhukarrao Talwalkar and Mr. Dhanaraj Pillay was interesting too. Completion of 100008 Surya Namaskars by all the members of the Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation during the period 1st June to 21st June 2015 also emphasised the theme of the programme – ‘Yes, I can- Yes we can! On the whole, artistically presented,, the entire program was just fabulous! Thank you Sadguruji! Jai Ho!


  22. Though Usha and I missed attending the International Yoga Day programme, since we’re travelling abroad, Sadguruji’s excellent blog gave such a vivid description of the event , that we felt we were sitting right there in the auditorium. Once again, kudos to Sadguruji and the entire team which made it happen.


  23. It was an amazing programme designed so thoughtfully and planned meticulously providing an insight and a holistic view of YOGA. Thankyou Sadguruji for the wonderful experience.


  24. Hari Om.
    The International Day of Yoga was celebrated in a big way by Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation under the guidance of Sadguruji.

    The programme was very unique. The dance “Infinity” and the Yoga Ballet was choreographed by Sadguruji himself and I am very thankful to Sadguruji for including me in the ballet.

    The Yoga demonstration by Sadguruji and his children, Shubham and Mahima was very
    good. Overall a wonderful programme. I learned so much from the programme.

    Thank You Sadguruji,


  25. Pranam Gurumauli
    21st June is one of the most memorable day in my life.No words to express my feeling about this excellent program. Excellent performance by all.All in One the divine message , Thank you for the beautiful blog, greatly connected through Sadgurujis words of wisdom which strengthen my life journey
    Thank you Sadguruji


  26. Thank you Sadguruji for this awe-inspiring programme woven beautifully together taking all aspects of body, mind and spirit -the tenets of Kriya Yoga. Everyone’s performances especially Shubham and Mahima are worth emulating. I was blown away by the young Mr Madhukar Talwarkar all of 82!!
    The faultless Malkhamb performances by the visually challenged students of Kamala Mehta school was their return gift to their teacher Mr Uday Deshpande for his devotion to this art and belief in them.
    My heartfelt gratitude to my Sadguruji for this day and experience.


  27. Hari om Sadguruji.

    The article is well written; it is very informative and inspiring for all of us. Though the importance of Yoga was recognised for health and fitness, it has now received a world wide recognition and importance thanks to the initiative taken by Prime minister Narendra Modi. It is a great achievement for India that the United Nations declared 21st June as the International day of Yoga.

    The function was well organised. I was very happy to notice that the hall was jam packed. The Infinity Dance was very well choreographed and the team members did a wonderful performance. Your innovative concept of “blending the ancient tradition of Yoga with the modern Zumba Dance form” is really a beautiful treat to our eyes. The ballet, “Yes I can; Yes we can” performed by senior citizens and the wonder kids is spectacular.Though I had been on stage for making presentations, this is the first time that I was on the stage for a performance! Thank you Sadguruji for selecting me as a member of this ballet. And for this reason this ballet will remain in my cherished memory.

    The mallakhamb performed by the visually challenged children fro Kamala Mehta school for the blind is is a great attraction of this celebration. Further blowing up of the thick plastic bag is a worth mentioning feat of “Believe it not” items. She really deserved to be in the Gunnies Book of World records.

    Thank you Sadguruji for this wonderful day wonderfully organised under your able leadership.


  28. Col Rama Rao.


    I am one of the unlucky could not make to witness International Day of Yoga celebrated in a big way by Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation under the guidance of Sadguruji on 21 June 2015.

    But on reading the article written by our Sadguru Mangeshda is very informative and inspiring. I have watched the ballets performed by the Wonder kids of Sadguruji and senior veterans is wonderful.

    We wish much more such awakening ballets from Sadguru in coming days.


  29. A wonderful way to celebrate the world yoga day. It was an uplifting and impressive program. What started of as a clap gained momentum and culminated into a standing ovation. Looking forward to many more such programs from Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation.


  30. Mindblowing and inspirational event organised by Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation. Every event organised is unique and leaves a lasting and positive impact on all participants. Privileged to be a part of this and looking forward for more such enriching experiences. Thank you Sadguruji.


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