• Sadguru Yogiraj Sri Sri Mangeshda is an Eminent Himalayan Kriya Yoga Master
  • Sri Sri Mangeshda is a Karmayogi who has dedicated His life for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the society through Kriya Yoga. His mission is to awaken and integrate people of all castes, creed and religions on the path of Humanity, by a strong bond of Unconditional Love.
  • He has been practicing and teaching Yoga for more than 4 decades
  • As a student, He participated in various adventure sports like Trekking, Mountaineering, has also volunteered in many social activities and relief works. His inquisitive mind and scientific approach made Him rebel against superstitious rituals and blind faith.
  • Sri Sri Mangeshda is a multifaceted personality with Multiple Graduation from Mumbai University; an Expert Kathak Dancer who has performed and choreographed various shows in India and abroad; a Black belt in Karate who has won Gold medal for India at the Asian karate Championship.
  • Sri Sri Mangeshda is a direct disciple of Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji, at whose instance He has returned to worldly life, to project how a householder can lead a normal family life and practice Kriya Yoga for spiritual progress. He initiates spiritual aspirants into Kriya Yoga (a simple, scientific and one of the fastest spiritual paths) and monitors their practice and progress.
  • Sri Sri Mangeshda has developed simple, easy to follow and very effective Meditation techniques based on Kriya Yoga.
  • Sri Sri Mangeshda is a Specialist in Holistic and Alternate Healing Techniques. He has participated five times in the World Congress on Alternate Healing and has treated thousands of patients suffering from various ailments.
  • Sri Sri Mangeshda is a Spiritual Guru with a difference. He encourages his disciples to undertake selfless social activities along with their spiritual sadhana. He believes more in Action rather than only philosophy and leads the Foundation from the front, by participating in the programmes personally.
  • Sri Sri Mangeshda is the guiding force behind Foundation’s mega campaign ‘Eye Pledge-We Pledge’
  • Under his dynamic guidance, the Foundation is involved in many social and charitable activities.
  • It was his innovative idea to bring out a book on Kriya Yoga in Braille during the programme in aid of the visually challenged.
  • Sri Sri Mangeshda was felicitated by the then Hon. Mayor of Mumbai, Dr. Smt. Shubha Raul, for his initiative in 2008-‘Cleanliness Awareness Drive from Mumbai to Manas Sarovar’.
  • Sri Sri Mangeshda is a teacher par excellence and is constantly developing different techniques for all round development of an individual. He has developed courses like ‘How to be Happy’, ‘Self Recognition and Development’, ‘Healthy Body Divine Soul’ and ‘Core Enlightenment’. He also conducts ‘Stress Management’ programmes for all levels of employees in corporate offices, students as well as housewives and others.
  • Sri Sri Mangeshda was invited:
    1. by the Times Foundation in 2003, to speak on ‘Spirituality in Business’ at the ‘India Calling’ summit, Singapore
    2. to give Discourses and conduct Meditation sessions for the prisoners and inmates of Arthur Road Jail, Mumbai
    3. as a speaker in symposium, ‘Scientific Perspectives in Spiritual Health for Meaningful Living’ organised by K.E.M. Hospital
    4. as a speaker in symposium on ‘Forgiveness and Healing across Religions’ organised by ‘The Cardinal Paul Poupard’s Foundation – Chair of Inter-Religious and Inter-Cultural Dialogue’ at St. Andrews College, Mumbai
    5. as a Speaker at The Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune

Sadguruji has been invited to many International Meets to speak on various topics on Spirituality. He is a much sought after speaker and touches the chord with the audience

  • Inaugural speaker at the World Yoga day at Portugal in 2012. His address was well received by the International audience consisting of Spiritual Masters, Religious Heads, followers of alternative healing techniques, Portugal Government authorities.
  • Key speaker at the 1st World Parliament of Spirituality 2012, December held at Hyderabad organized by the World United. His various speeches on the essence and the science of Kriya Yoga was a huge success. Thereafter, Many of the international participants took the pious Kriya Yoga Diksha and learnt the secret techniques from Him.
  • He has been felicitated by Government of Karnataka, International Naturopathy Organisation for His outstanding contribution of more than 4 decades to the field of Yoga And Good Health.

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