Best wishes to HSC students

Best wishes to all HSC students for your exams. Be positive and do well. Always remember … YOU CAN DO IT!

Good Luck and Give your BEST


Mahashivratri Festival

Yesterday’s Mahashivaratri festival was celebrated with a great enthusiasm. Morning 6.30 people gathered at Juhu center for the Kriya Yoga Diksha from various parts of the world.

The evening was fully charged at Local Self Govt Auditorium, Andheri west. Everybody from small children to elderly artists were totally engrossed in the cultural event. it was a pleasure to watch the dances, hear melodious devotional bhajans from the talented artists of the foundation.

It was touching to see the veteran Kriyaban Radhika Yederi who is fighting with cancer since last five years, felicitating me.

In my discourse I told everyone about the opposite qualities of Nector and Poison. The way we heard mythological stories about how drops of Nector split and they created Holy places, similar to this, at some places poisonous drops must have fallen. These places on the world map, we see maximum terrorism. As per the theory of evolution, all the souls are progressing from hellish to spiritual experiences.

For me Mahashivratri is the most important day in my life because on this pious day I met my Sadguruji Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji who bestowed pious Kriya Yoga Diksha to me and changed my entire life.  For me my Guruji is everything… Lord Shiva to me.

Shiva’s look itself project many knowledgeable  aspects of the world. The three points of trident represent three gunas while his blue body represents infinite depth of the blue sky. The flow of Ganga on Shiva’s head represent unlimited knowledge which he carries. And the snake around his neck is the symbol of awareness.

I shared my childhood experience when I was 5 year old and at a holy place. Two black cobras were playing on my body and my family members were giving me instructions not to move and remain still. After some time both the snakes disappeared into the bushes. I saw these photographs many times in my childhood. I still remember the cold touch of those creatures. I was not scared at all. Today looking back, I feel that human being is more  dangerous than cobra!!

I stated in my speech the importance of Mahashivratri and the significance of the tremendous energy. When we intensely pray and bow down in front of the Shiva Energy with total transcendence, today He as a Bholenath fulfill our wish.

During the celebration everybody in the end were holding Bel-patra with continuous chanting of “Om Namah Shivaya” and with clear intention offered it on Shiva’s Pindi. In the blissful environment people observed and experienced one of the memorable Mahashivratri celebrations.

Om Namah Shivaya!!!